New House Plants


We recently picked up some plants to brighten up a few spots around the house. All of them are from the cactus/succulent family because honestly, both Daniel and I have a huge black thumb when it comes to plants! Cacti and succulents are perfect for us because they only need to be watered once every [Read More...]

Home Office


So Valeria’s office is finally coming along nicely. We painted the floors white for a continuous flow throughout the downstairs and rearranged some furniture. We decided to keep the “prairie dust” color in the space as it makes the room feel a little warmer but still retains a clean and simple feeling. We’ve also upgraded some [Read More...]

New Kitchen Things!


Since doing our kitchen make-over, we were still in need of a few more things to tie the room together. We bought this bright red vintage enamel teapot which adds a lot of color to the room. We’ve been needing a teapot for quite some time, and this was the perfect one for our kitchen! [Read More...]

New Lamp for the Studio


We recently bought this great vintage lamp for our work and studio space. It’s pretty huge but it bends and moves in whatever direction making it perfect for small tasks. We also really love the timeless design of it.

New Pendant Light


  Our kitchen renovation is still under way but we thought we’d share a few things we bought recently. We’d like the mix both rustic and modern elements in our makeover and Normann Copenhagen seals the deal for modern. We purchased this small pendant lamp for above our dining table online and Daniel got this amazing [Read More...]