Have A Great Weekend!


It’s Canada Day here and we snapped a few pictures while up at our friends John and Juli from Mjolk’s beautiful cottage this weekend. We had a wonderful time in their newly renovated cottage where we spent most of our time chatting, barbecuing, reading and sipping on our new favorite drink: mojitos! Hope everyone is [Read More...]

Bedroom Update


With the warmer weather rolling in, we really wanted to make a change in the bedroom. The long wall mounted cabinets we had before (seen HERE) were nice, but the room still seemed a little cold. Since the Ikea cabinets are individual, it’s easy to arrange then so we played around with a few different [Read More...]

Vintage West German Pottery


Since our last update of our West German Pottery collection, we’ve added a few new pieces that we wanted to share with you! We really love West German Pottery because of the earthy and bright colors, and especially differences in the texture and character of all the pieces! Most of the pottery you see here [Read More...]

House Tour: “AT” Custom Letter in the Bedroom


For awhile now we’ve been wanting to add one of our custom letters in the house somewhere but were too indecisive of what letter we wanted, and where it would look best. We’ve thought about Ampersands in the living room, H’s on the wall in Daniel’s office, a Y hanging in my office, and honestly, [Read More...]

Book Collection


The World’s Mineral’s (1916) Valeria and I have been accumulating a nice little collection of vintage and antique books over the years. We’ve actually been trying to cut down a bit on our collection but these are a few of our favorites that will be staying with us.   The first is The Worlds Minerals [Read More...]