Fancy Franks Gourmet Hot Dogs

Before the New Year we made a point to stop at Fancy Franks, a new gourmet hot dog shop in Toronto. Glamourized fast food is becoming a fast favorite of ours and fancy hot dogs were no exception.

We loved the old style glass Pepsi bottles and reclaimed wood communal tables. Overall the atmosphere was great and the staff were really friendly. Another bonus were the extra toppings like sriracha, which we’ve been putting on EVERYTHING lately!

Tons of options to choose from like from “Fancy Masala” to “Fancy-zza” – they need no explanation.

Daniel had “The Frankaphone” with smoked gruyere, horseradish cheddar, squeaky curds and honey dijon mayo and I had the “Franks Got Seoul” with kimchi, sesame seeds and scallions and two sides of fries. And of course, lots and lots of sriracha.

They also had mini donuts which were tempting had we not been so stuffed from our meal. Next time…


Overall they were probably the best (and most original) hot dogs we’ve had in awhile and we’re looking forward to heading back there for a quick bite soon!


  1. Thomas
    Posted February 10, 2013 at | Permalink

    If you enjoy gourmet hotdogs you should definitely give Japadog a try. A great food stall in Vancouver.

  2. Ben Hubbert
    Posted February 27, 2013 at | Permalink

    This place looks fantastic! Those hotdogs look soooooo good!

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